Openfire Meetings Plugin Readme


Openfire Meetings

Ignite Realtime is pleased to announce "Openfire Meetings", a new plugin for Openfire that continues the development of the ofmeet web application which was part of the now deprecated Jitsi-videobridge plugin.


PLEASE NOTE - You will need at least Openfire 3.10.0 to use this plugin. You will also need the Openfire Meetings Chrome extension for screen sharing, co-browsing and application sharing.



Openfire Meetings is a complete standalone plugin powered by Jitsi Videobridge. It does not depend on any other plugins. It can be enhanced by adding the optional client control and fastpath plugins. The client control plugin will enable the management and user provisioning of PDF presentation urls and conference bookmarks. Users can select presentations and conferences from a pull down list.




The front-end web application is a combination of Candy and Jitsi Meet and enables the following features



How to use

Jitsi Meet - select room -
specify room -
audio only (no video) -

Spark Plugin - download

Candy -

JavaScript example -

Replace port 7443 by 7070 for http instead of https



It also has a meeting planner feature that enables you to schedule meetings in advance using a calendar. When you add a meeting to the calendar, a request to join the meeting is automatically generated and sent to each participant using Openfire's email service 15 mins before the meeting starts. Included in the email is a link to join the meeting from a Chrome web browser.


In order to use this feature, you will need:

The calendar is implemented using the excellent open source FullCalendar jQuery plugin by Adam Shaw.

Discussion place is in the community plugins, here