All About Pubsub

April 17, 2006, by Gaston Dombiak and Matt Tucker

Publish-subscribe (pubsub) is a powerful protocol extension to XMPP. It's like RSS for instant messaging: users subscribe to an item and get notifications when it's updated. The general notification pattern that underlies the protocol... Read More >

Sparkplug Day

February 7 2006, by Matt Tucker

Once per quarter, the Jive Software engineering team spends a full day on a special project. A few weeks ago, we held Sparkplug Day to build out plugins for our Spark instant messaging client. The goals for Sparkplug Day... Read More >

IM File Transfer Made Easy

February 7, 2006, by Matt Tucker

Why do most instant messaging systems get file transfer so wrong? Typically, file transfers don't work reliably (especially when firewalls are involved) and the file transfer UI is non-intuitive with problems like... Read More >

Behind the Scenes: Openfire Optimization

December 19, 2005, by Matt Tucker

A major priority for Openfire is to provide the fastest and most scalable XMPP server implementation available. The Pampero project will be the major effort over the next several months to help us achieve that goal. However... Read More >


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