Openfire (formerly Wildfire) Connection Manager Module

What is it?
Connection Manager Module

Each Openfire Connection Manager module you deploy improves the scalability of your Openfire server by handling a portion of the client connections. It's suitable for very large installations of Openfire (many thousand concurrent users). Download the connection manager module implementation below.

How many users can each connection manager handle?

Each connection manager should handle at least five thousand concurrent users. Experimental support for non-blocking connections is under development, which will greatly increase the number of connections that each connection manager module can support.

Can connection managers be used with other servers?

Yes (in theory). The connection manager protocol is being developed through the open XEP process. We hope to work with other server vendors so that the entire XMPP community supports the protocol. We also expect there will be other implementations of connection managers that will be compatible with Openfire. For example, a connection manager written with native code may be able to achieve very high scalability on a specific platform.

Does Openfire Connection Manager Module use the same license as Openfire?

Yes, the module is dual-licensed under the Open Source GPL license or a comercial software license agreement available from Jive Software.

How do I get support?

Support is available from the user community in the discussion forums. Enterprise-grade email and phone support is also available from Jive Software.


Download the release of the Openfire connection manager module (requires Openfire 3.0 ). Full setup and usage instructions are included in the release.

Connection Manager Module 3.6.3 -- January 9, 2009 - Windows archive file January 9, 2009 2.71 MB
connection_manager_3_6_3.tar.gz - Unix/Linux archive file January 9, 2009 2.44 MB

Source Code - 3.6.3 - Windows archive file January 9, 2009 5.49 MB
connection_manager_src_3_6_3.tar.gz - Unix/Linux archive file January 9, 2009 5.13 MB

dwd dwd Dave Cridland is also a member of the XMPP Council, the technical steering group that approves XMPP Extension Protocols.

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