Openfire 4.8.1 Documentation

The current Openfire (formerly Wildfire) documentation can be found below. All documentation is also distributed in each release.


Basic Server Administration

Guides that are applicable to most administrators of an Openfire instance. These cover the basics.

Advanced Server Administration

The following guides cover more specialized topics. These aren't necessarily applicable to every Openfire installation.

Integration with External Data Sources

Openfire is written to facilitate integration with existing data sources, such as external user directories or custom database. The guides in this section describe how such integration can be achieved.

Developer Documentation:

Generic Development Guides

Guides for developers that work with the Openfire source code.

Data Provider / IAM Implementation Guides

Guides for implementors of custom integration of external authentication, users and other entities.

Guides for Client Developers

Openfire is an XMPP server. It can therefor be used by any application that implements this protocol. This section lists a number of minimal examples using various libraries (mostly third-party) that illustrate how they can be used to interact with Openfire. Note that there are many other libraries available than the ones listed here!

Reference Documentation

  • JavaDocs - Openfire API documentation.
  • Protocol Support - Provides details on the XMPP support and JEPs that Openfire implements.
  • Database Schema Guide - A tour of the Openfire database schema for developers and database administrators.

dwd dwd Dave Cridland is also a member of the XMPP Council, the technical steering group that approves XMPP Extension Protocols.

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