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Spam Blacklist Plugin Readme


The spam blacklist plugin periodically retrieves a curated list of addressesthat are known sources of spam, and blocks traffic sent from those addresses.


Copy blacklistSpam.jar into the plugins directory of your Openfire installation.The plugin will then be automatically deployed. To upgrade to a new version,copy the new monitoring.jar file over the existing file.


The list of addresses that are blocked is obtained using a HTTP call from an URLthat is configured by the property blacklistspam.connection.request.urlThe default value for this property is HTTP result is expected to contain a plain-text body, with JIDs (domains)separated by newlines (one JID per line).

The default behavior of the plugin is the verify stanzas that arrive from other XMPP domains.The plugin can also be configured to verify stanzas that are outbound. This behavior isconfigured by the blacklistspam.check.incoming and blacklistspam.check.outgoingproperties, which require a boolean value.

To facilitate analysis of stanzas that are blocked, the plugin can be configured to writeall blocked stanzas to disk. To enable this functionality, set the value for theblacklistspam.blockedlog.enabled property to true. When enabled,all blocked stanzas are logged in files in a folder named blacklist in the<OPENFIRE-HOME>/ folder.


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Plugin Spam blacklist
Uses an external blacklist to reject traffic from specific addresses.
README Changelog Download 1.0.0 Sep 9, 2020   +

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Plugin Spam blacklist
README Changelog Download 1.0.0   +